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Our Story

Making football fun!

Our Story

Did you know we started in August 2018?







Our first ever class was at Kings Park and we had 8 children turn up and what a session it was! 

From day one we wanted to implement the ethos of football being fun and a pressure free environment. 

Coach Dan was at AFC Bournemouth for 12 years (from the age of 6), growing up in a high-pressured environment and wanted to offer a platform for children that was the polar opposite, allowing children to start playing football for the first time or improve their current footballing ability, whilst having fun in a super relaxed environment without loads of opinions. 

Fast forward almost 5 years, we now have over 25 staff who are all absolutely brilliant and love what they do. Being able to impacting children’s lives has to be one of the most rewarding jobs. We never ever thought we would be coaching over 350 children every week.


But without the MSA family we are nothing and we’re forever grateful of your continued support and great feedback on a weekly basis, so THANK YOU! 💙

Our Story

Our Values


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