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Terms & Conditions

1.  You can change or cancel your pay as you go booking 24-hours prior to the session starting. Any changes after this date are subject to availability and no refund will be issued.

2.    We are unable to issue refunds or credit for any missed classes. If your child is unable to attend due to long term illness or injury, you must provide us with a doctor’s letter for us to review their space on our class.

3.    If live classes are cancelled for any reason outside the control of Mini Soccer Advance, including (without limitation) because of an “Act of God” (e.g., disruption resulting from extreme weather conditions, earthquakes, strikes or terrorist activity), or where local or governmental authorities/public guidance advise that live classes should be suspended for health or other reasons (‘Extreme Reasons’), then no refunds nor credits shall be given. Mini Soccer Advance reserves the right to provide online classes as a replacement for, or alternative to, live classes where it is not possible or reasonably practicable to provide live classes, including (without limitation) for the Extreme Reasons, and in doing so Mini Soccer Advance shall satisfy its contractual obligations hereunder and there shall be no entitlement to any refund or credit.

Monthly Payments

We know lots can change in a young footballer’s lives. That is why you are only ever committed to a month at a time!

Please see below for our payment’s terms and conditions:

1.    Payments are debited from your chosen DEBIT OR CREDIT CARD on 1st of each month.

Your payments to us are not a direct debit from your bank, it is a recurring card payment just like Netflix. 

2.  If you're on a monthly subscription and classes are cancelled due to bad weather, we do not have the ability to credit or reduce your subscription to offset the cancelled class. Please be mindful that even if it’s cancelled, we still must pay our staff and for the venue hire. We dislike having to cancel classes due to bad weather and it’s very rare that we do. We will only cancel them if the pitches and weather are deemed unsafe. 

3.   Cancel with 30 days’ notice.

Should you wish to cancel your subscription, please email We require a 30-day payment notice period to cancel your subscription. 


If you submit our cancellation form on 8th of the month, your final payment will be on the 1st of the following month. You will still have full access to the classes in the final month you pay for, and no further payments will be taken after this date.

4.   Updating your payment details.

Should you ever need to update your card details, you can do so by emailing us. We will send you a direct link to do so. If a payment ever fails on 1st of the month, our system will automatically retry on 4th and 9th. After this date you will be prompted to update your card. 

5.   Access to classes if payment fails.

Should your payment fail on 1st of the month, you will not be able to access your child’s class until we have received payment. Payment usually fails due to our customers having a new bank card which they need to update. The system will message you when your payment fails and will include a link to make a payment immediately. Please note: your monthly fee will still be due in full even if you miss a class because you have not been able to pay on time.

6.  Your space is secure.

Until you tell us otherwise, your space is secured with payment each month. This way, you never have to miss a class and your child’s football development will blossom!

 7. Payments Remain the Same Each Month

Your monthly price is an average of all the classes in the year. For example, some months have 5 sessions, others have 4. The minimum number of classes in a month is 2 which usually happens in April.

The price always remains the same as this is the most economical way of running our payments.

 8. Covering Payments

We can only take payment from you on 1st of each month, therefore when you sign up after your trial, any classes in that month will be added to the following months payment. E.G. If there are 3 classes after your trial in that month, we will add a 3-class covering payment to the following months payment. 

You will always receive an email notifying you of this. 

 9.  Debt Recovery

Should you be in breach of these payment terms and conditions and after all communication with you has failed, your details and the matter will be escalated to a debt recovery agency to recoup any amounts due to us. Mini Soccer Advance Ltd will not be liable for any losses that you face, and all debt recovery is handled directly by a third-party debt recovery company.

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