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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens on arrival?

At each venue, there will always be someone that signs you in and directs you to inform you of which class your little one will be joining. 

If it's your first week, we always recommend arriving 15 minutes early so you can find the venue and you can allow your little one(s) to become familiar with the new surroundings and coaches. 

Do we offer a holiday club during half-term?

We do not offer holiday clubs anymore however, we have partnered up with Multi-Champs Holiday Camp who offer a multi-sports holiday club every half term!

What should my child bring / wear?

Classes do take place indoors or outdoors dependant on weather, and a t-shirt and shorts or any comfortable clothing is fine.

Children may wear trainers or any similar footwear. You should bring a water bottle/drink for your child too.

Do you offer pay as you go?

Yes, we offer pay as you go and the option to monthly subscribe. 

If after your free trial class, you wish to pay as you go then that's absolutely fine, but be mindful classes do become fully booked and you will need to remember to book in each week. 

When you monthly subscribe, not only will you get the first full month half-price, you won't have to book in each week and the payment comes out on the 1st of every month.

How do I cancel my monthly subscription?

We require a 30-day payment notice period to cancel your subscription (otherwise we get charged).


Should you wish to cancel your subscription, please email


If you submit your cancellation email on 8th of the month, your final payment will be on the 1st of the following month. You will still have full access to the classes in the final month you pay for, and no further payments will be taken after this date.

Can we just turn up and pay on the day?

Unfortunately, you will have to book in via our Class for Kids booking platform beforehand, so we know how many children will be in each class and we of course, plan the class around the number of children we are expecting. 

With this in mind as well as needing to know any medical details for a particular child, we never allow anyone to participate if they're not booked in. 

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